a.    This Acceptable Use Policy is applicable to your use and upload of property advertisements on    HousingParadise.com and we may change this Acceptable Use Policy as per our discretion.

b.    You must abide by the provisions of this Acceptable Use Policy.

c.    You must only use the website for the purposes for which it was designed and offered and not for any other purpose.


a.    You must not use your access for any unlawful, illegal, malicious or improper purpose including but not limited to:

i.    defaming or discrediting another person or business;

ii.    disclosing private, personal or confidential information;

iii.    posting content that might be considered obscene, offensive, menacing or abusive;

iv.    infringing the intellectual property rights of others; or

v.    may violate any law, regulation, standard, content requirements or code promulgated by any relevant authority or industry body.

vi.    transmitting \"junk mail,\" \"chain letters,\" unsolicited emails, \"spamming\", etc.; and

vii.    solicit money, passwords or personal information from any person.


a.    In respect of each property you list and publish on HousingParadise.com to sell:

i.    you are the holder of a current real estate agent\'s licence in the Country, State(s) or Province or Territory to which your use of the advertising relates;

ii.    you have a signed authority to sell from the owner or vendor (such as an Agency Agreement or Authority to Sell); and

iii.    you are authorised to make available the material uploaded or submitted to use the Service. 

b.    HousingParadise.com reserves the right to maintain the quality, accuracy and validity of listing content on HousingParadise.com by either modifying content, removing advertisements or advising you to modify any of your advertisements.  


a.    It is not acceptable use of to engage in any of the following practices, or to allow anyone else to engage in the following practices, in using your access to HousingParadise.com:

i.    Advertise listings other than real estate;

ii.    Incorrect categorisation of properties for sale and rent;

iii.    Generic listings. iv.    Incorrect or offensive photos or pictures or video postings. This includes posting content that might be considered obscene, offensive, menacing or abusive;

v.    Incorrect locational information (i.e. street and place names);

vi.    Repetition of property listings; 

vii.    Listing of multiple dwellings at the same street address in the same advertisements; 

viii.    Listing a property or properties that you are not authorised to sell or lease;

ix.    False advertising;

x.    Failure to mark properties as \"under contract\" within 72 hours; 

xi.    Failure to remove sold properties or rented properties within 72 hours; and

xii.    Video Content must advertise a property for sale or lease must not mislead or deceive. 


a.    Breaching this Acceptable Use Policy may result in HousingParadise.com suspending and/or terminating your access; deleting a specific listing or any other action that we deem required and according to law.

b.    Where we suspend and/or terminate access or delete listings due to a breach by you of this Acceptable Use Policy, you will remain liable for any fees and charges which may accrue. 

This document was last updated on May 13, 2013