The last few months have been very busy for the staff at www.housingparadise.com. We are always working with real estate agents in Fiji and the South Pacific to bring you houses, land, apartments, offices, shops, factories of properties located in Fiji and only from registered real estate agents as we want to protect consumer interests and this has resulted in us receiving positve feedback from both users of www.housingparadise.com and the agents who advertise with us. 


In addition to this 2 companies had approached me to write articles about HousingParadise.com. The first article was written the by 'The Jet' a newspaper based in Fiji and the article can be viewed here:




The second article was written by Property Portal Watch. Property Portal Watch is a real estate industry based company that provides news, overviews and reviews on property portal websites from around the world and is a trusted source of information. This article is very positive and can be viewed here:




Please check the links out and remember if you need any information or are a registered real estate agent that wants to advertise please find our contact information on our Contact Us page.