While HousingParadise.com is all about providing the best properties for sale and rent in Fiji whether it be a house, beachfront land and even resorts we also like to promote the beautiful country all around the world.

One such website that is doing its bit for promoting Fiji tourism is www.amazing-fiji-vacations.com. The website has got all the information you need if you are planning a trip to Fiji including on how to get there, where to stay, general information about the Fiji Islands and what to do in Fiji. The owner of the website Mr. Paul Atkin has got  great in depth knowledge of the Fiji Islands and has also written a series of e-books that are available for you to buy . The guides have been well researched and we recommend them if you are planning a honeymoon, family holiday or just an escape to paradise. The books can be purchased here and are worth the read:


 Please visit the website and if you are a visitor to Fiji and do not want to leave then remember to visit www.housingparadise.com to ‘find your new address’!.