The decision to buy a property is one of the most important financial decisions that we make and is usually our biggest investment. The property could be your dream home, an investment or a holiday home.

Therefore, before committing to such a big investment you need to answer some important questions.

What is my budget?

As always the first point is always about money and knowing what you can afford to spend. Check your finances and sources of income, whether it is a mortgage or personal savings, and then decided your budget.

Then you need to make a list of your requirements for the desired real estate in Fiji. The list should include:

What type of property?

Fiji and the South Pacific have plenty of options available ranging from houses for sale, vacant land that you can buid on and commercial properties that you can invest in. Decide upon what your requirements are and the lifestyle you want to have and go from there.

Which location?

If you want to live near the airport, then Nadi could be an option or do you want to live close by to Suva so you can get to work easier? This are the questions you need to ask yourself or you can choose to take advantage of the great beachside properties that exist around Fiji.

No matter the answer you can always find a house, flats, office, shops , factory, land and even hotels on www.housingparadise.com