Today’s buyers are time poor, require quality information, Internet savvy and looking for one specialised real estate website (“one stop shop”) that has all the information they require without having to search through numerous real estate and property websites.   

The real estate websites dedicated for the South Pacific region are: 

*poor quality and not regularly updated; 

*hard to use; 

*lack quality control for any information posted online; 

*not always available when you need it the most; 

*not suitable for mobile devices; and 

*poor value. 

To overcome these problems and to give the public the information they require HousingParadise.com offers its customers an easy to use, professional and quality website. To complement the great features already available on the website: 

*HousingParadise.com has been developed using the latest web technology and hosted on reliable infrastructure so the website is always up;  

*HousingParadise.com allows you to advertise all of your properties and promote your agency to potentially thousands of users around the world;  

*HousingParadise.com offers you competitive pricing on all of its advertising packages;  

*HousingParadise.com utilises both online (i.e. search engine optimisation)  and traditional marketing methods (print, radio, TV, etc.) to raise the profile of HousingParadise.com and ensure high exposure for your properties; and  

*HousingParadise.com is supported by a small, dedicated and highly qualified team.